MacBook Pro 16" 8-core i9, 64GB RAM, AMD 5500M

My new development machine for when I'm travelling, with enough RAM to actually run more than 5 Chrome tabs without lagging.

Custom Ryzen Desktop - Ryzen 3600, 24GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 1080

At the start of lockdown I began a new Ryzen build for my Ubuntu machine learning setup. This desktop is my main work-from-home machine, when I’m not deploying models to our work cluster, and also handily doubles as a great development workstation.


Developer-friendly, well-designed, cheap.


Spotlight on steroids - saves me clicks and makes me a more productive person.


My GTD checklist app - incredibly performant and integrated with the Apple ecosystem, it’s one of the only apps I find that truly works at the speed of thought.


I still use Notion occasionally as my Kanban system, and for keeping organised tables of relevant data.

Roam Research

I've been using Roam since the beta, and it's becoming my go-to knowledge management system - I’d prefer a self-hosted version, and Obsidian is quite nice for this, but doesn’t have the intuitive forward-slash shortcuts for quick type-changing or the block level linkages. Roam could do with a thorough overhaul of its look, but the core product absolutely is worth the hassle.


Takes the MacBook touchbar from an annoyance to something genuinely functional. Infinitely customisable and kinda great.


More and more I’m finding myself editing my text directly in nvim - once specced out with a proper .vimrc the functionality is comparable to a fully-fledged IDE, but miles faster.


My favourite design app ever, and easily the most impressive web app from a technical perspective - the software wizardry at play here is amazing.

Sublime Text 3

Still my reliable fallback when VS Code crashes - solid as a rock, and about as flashy as one.

Kinesis Advantage 2 with MT3 Susuwatari keycaps

My main keyboard for the past 4 years, a split ortholinear keyboard. Pretty hideous to look at, but incredibly comfortable. I have an Apple Magic Trackpad 2 mounted between the two keywells, which works fantastically as a setup, paired with an Evoluent 3 vertical mouse.

VS Code

Configurable and surprisingly performant for something built on Electron, this is my everyday code editor, paired with vim keybindings and Operator Mono font.