Some things I've read

Zero to One


Cockpit Confidential

So You've Been Publicly Shamed

Thinking in Bets

The Mom Test

The Master Switch

A comprehensive history of the Bell Telephone Company / AT&T, detailing the monopolistic practices of early information giants, with some of the most compelling arguments I've read in favour of strong anti-monopoly legislation targeting FAANG companies.

Countdown to Zero Day

An in-depth investigation of Stuxnet, the Olympic Games programme and TAO's abilities. A great read for infosec nerds.

Getting Things Done

The OG book on the GTD system, definitely useful if you're already implementing a GTD system of your own. It's somewhat showing its age, given that most productivity nerds are going to be using established GTD systems like Omnifocus, Things, Todoist, 2Do, etc, but the concepts are still very valid.


A somewhat biased take on remote working given Basecamp makes its money, but Jason and DHH practice what they preach, and the book has a lot of relevancy given the shift in working patterns lockdown has caused, a trend that probably isn't going to reverse.

So Good They Can't Ignore You

A book with an interesting premise about value in the workplace, but like other Cal Newport books, it's effectively one chapter of actual content and 8 chapters of padding.

The Corporation That Changed The World

A cool breakdown of the British East India Company's rise, dominance, and downfall, with some interesting parallels to modern behemoths.

Blood Meridian

A simultaneously horrifying and beautiful novel about the American Frontier, with one of the best-written villains in modern literature.